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The first SproutCore interview I attempted with Eloqua’s Matt Grantham and Ryan Mudryk went well and it acquired a lot of viewership. Knowing that, I decided to test the waters again and try a second SproutCore interview this time with Michael Harris who created the SproutCore Sudoku game. Mike is consultant and local here in the Washington, DC area, so he and I met one day during lunch to discuss his game and SproutCore itself.

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For those of you looking for a good example of what SproutCore can do and is fun, then I highly recommend you check out Michael Harris‘s sudoku game. Mike (@hvgotcodes) put in a lot of work and it definitely shows. Special credit must also go out to Matt Grantham (@MattGrantham) for all the graphics and styling he did for the app.

Not only is the sudoku game built with the SproutCore framework, but it also makes use of the Ki framework in order for the game to manage all of its states, which is pretty cool! From what Mike has told me, he intends to write up a couple of blog posts soon that will go over how he implemented his sudoku app. I’m definitely looking forward to reading them.