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I admit it: I have neglected to directly talk about something that people who have been using Ki end up running into, and it’s about “pivot state” errors. This is something that I have been asked about a few times, and while I do describe what the error means, I, for some darn reason, just keep forgetting to write it down for others to learn about. Well know more. This sad lack of information shall end now.

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Just a quick announcement that I’ve open sourced a new statechart framework for SproutCore called Ki (pronounced “key”) that you can start using today. Ki provides full statechart support for what is described in David Harel’s original paper “Statecharts: A Visual Formalism For Complex Systems” in addition to other key features useful for today’s event-driver systems.

Parts of Ki were derived from the statechart framework that is already included with the latest SproutCore on github. At first I started to modify the original statechart framework to incorporate all the new features that Ki supports; however, I soon realized that it was just easier to start from scratch in order to make a proper implementation.

You can get the Ki framework by going to