This morning while eating breakfast, an article titled “After Steve Jobs: What We Can Learn From The Nest Thermostat” immediately caught my attention. Specifically this:

In a side conversation I had with Tony [Fadell] a few weeks ago, he confessed that when he started at Apple he didn’t think that the intense attention to detail was all that important in producing successful products. He now sings a different tune, and the near perfection of the Nest launch is a testament to that. Based on what we saw Tuesday night, Nest is using creativity and focused intuition to build a company that will rival Apple in the excellence of products, services, and experiences.

To then be followed up with this:

And this bodes well for Apple. If its DNA can strike out on its own and produce a company like Nest, I’m becoming more convinced that Apple has a good chance of continuing to make the most compelling products in the world, even without Steve Jobs’s guiding hand.

It definitely makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :).