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Quick Tutorial Note: Due to changes in SproutCore, the english.lproj directory no longer exists after running sc-init; it has been replaced with the resources directory. You can still add the english.lproj or any .lproj folder to your application to handle localization.

Posts related to the Lebowski framework:

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Helpful SproutCore Quick Tips:

  • Always use SC.none() to test for null/undefined values. For example, (“” == false) is true in JavaScript (via martoche)
  • Don’t forget to call awake() to synchronise the bindings after you append() a pane (via martoche)
  • Views are rendered lazily once they are added to the screen
    automatically as part of the runloop. You should never call render()
    yourself. If you need to make a view re-render, you can call
    view.displayDidChange(). This will schedule the view to re-render (via Charles Jolley)
  • Dynamic properties are pretty cool, they are done by implementing the