I just wanted to send a quick thanks to everyone who swung by my lil’ old blog to read up on all things related to SproutCore. According to my WordPress year-end stats, my blog was visited 43,000 times in 2010. The most viewed post by far was my recent Why Does SproutCore Have a Run Loop and When Does It Execute? post. The next three most viewed posts were:

  1. Creating a Simple Custom View in SproutCore: Part 1
  2. Creating a Simple Custom View in SproutCore: Part 2
  3. Creating a Simple Custom List Item View: Part 1

So it would appear many of you are looking for information on how to create custom views and trying to understand SproutCore’s underlying mechanics. I’m certainly glad to help those out, and I hope to provide more information for 2011.

If you do have comments or questions, please feel free to e-mail me at frzncanuck@gmail.com.

Happy New Year!