As of today, the Ki framework has become the official statechart framework for SproutCore. This has replaced the original statechart framework that Mike Ball, Evin Grano, and I originally worked on. But what does this mean for anyone who is already using Ki for their SproutCore project? Well, it means a few things.

First, I will still continue to maintain the original Ki framework. It won’t be going away. But, over time, the shift in focus will be on Ki that was brought in for the next version of SproutCore. So, for now, any updates will be done on both versions of Ki, that way everyone will get the benefit of the latest fixes and enhancements. Of course, if you want to use Ki that comes with latest commit of SproutCore, the root namespace will now be under SC, not Ki. And please note that Ki is not part of SproutCore v1.4.x. So if you are building your app exclusively under SproutCore v1.4.x, then you’ll still be working with the original Ki framework.

For those who are using Ki or want to use the framework, I will be shortly getting around to writing posts, but if you want to get some information now, then please check out this SproutCore group post here.