During this past weekend I finally got around to writing the final part of my tutorial on how to create a simple custom list item view. The tutorial itself was broken up into three parts just because I there was so much information to cover. The first part of the tutorial was written all the way back in September of 2009. So just to summarize, here are the links to all three parts of the tutorial in one digestible post:

Part 1 introduces you to how to start creating a custom list item view for an SC.ListView by making use of the isSelected, isEnabled, and content properties supplied by the list view.

Part 2 goes a bit deeper and looks at just how a list view, or, rather, its parent, a collection view (SC.CollectionView), actually supplies properties to its item views. The tutorial then shows you how to apply custom properties to a collection view that can then be added to all of its item views.

Part 3 finishes by showing you how to add custom properties to specific item views using a collection view by overriding the createItemView method. In addition, the tutorial provides some general guidelines about when and when not to override the method.