As someone who is new to the SproutCore framework, I have a lot of questions about how things work. SproutCore is a powerful framework to help create web-based applications. From what I understand, SproutCore is a spawn of the Mac Cocoa framework and parts of the Objective-C language, but fashioned for the JavaScript world. Neat.

Being a newbie learning the ins and outs of the framework, I plan on making posts about what I’ve learned about and my adventures of getting things to work. I’ve already discovered that the SproutCore code base is really well documented, but when it comes to documentation that better describes how all the parts work together in a more holistic fashion, there is less to work with… d’oh. But that’s okay. More to ponder.

In the mean time, there is a blog that does talk about some advanced SproutCore stuff which you can find at, so check that out when you can.